Recently, the Remmes Group was featured in an article in “Top Agent Magazine” that discussed what makes the Remmes Group such a wonderful team of real estate professionals. Here are just a couple of choice excerpts:

Built on a solid foundation of honesty, integrity and a commitment to excellence in customer service, Boston’s The Remmes Group has earned [its] stellar reputation. Helmed by broker Chris Remmes, they are one of those rare real estate teams that consistently go above and beyond the call of duty to take care of their clients, ensuring the kind of loyalty that sees their rate of return and referred business hovering around a staggering eighty percent.”

“We truly appreciate these sentiments that were featured in “Top Agent Magazine.”

[…] While The Remmes Group could easily rest on its successful laurels, Chris, Sheila, and Jack continue to enhance and refine the systems and protocols that have set their team head and shoulders above their competition. However, they are committed to never losing the personal touch that their clients appreciate so greatly. ‘Being able to help someone with what might be the biggest sale or purchase of their lifetimes,’ says Sheila, ‘is truly an honor.’”

We truly appreciate these sentiments that were featured in “Top Agent Magazine.” Be sure to check out the full article to learn about how our team formed, our track record of success, and all ways that we’ll go the extra mile for you to ensure that your next real estate transaction is successful.

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