Here are three tips for maximizing your home sale this fall.

If you plan to list your home on this fall market, you need to take into account how people’s housing needs have changed now that we’re six months into this pandemic. There are three things you need to do as a seller, and each one underscores the importance of returning to the basics. In times of uncertainty and change, it’s all about getting the fundamentals down pat. 

First, you need to find a good agent as soon as you start thinking about listing. People have more time at home, and they’re using it to try to find good agents online. However, that’s probably not the best way to find one; ask people you trust—your friends, family, and neighbors—for real estate agent referrals. If that doesn’t work, you can always call me (if it does work, you can still call me and I’ll be more than happy to vet somebody). I have a great network of people, and I’ll find you a great agent. 

“In this pandemic, listings become stale after the first week or so.”

After that, you’ll need to stage your house properly. In this era of COVID, homes are doubling as offices, schools, and gyms, so we want to make accommodations that help buyers see your home’s fullest potential. You’re not just selling a home, you’re selling a lifestyle. 

Lastly, it’s always important to price your home correctly. With that stellar agent you found, you’ll go through comps on the market to make sure you price your home right the first time. In this pandemic, listings become stale after the first week or so, so getting an offer as quickly as possible is the goal. The market is hot and properties are moving quickly, so you need to make sure everything is in order before you go live. 

Here’s a bonus market trend to consider: The rental market is seeing an uptick in vacancies, and that’s creating a lot of unique opportunities. Rental properties are a great investment; if, for example, you’re a Boston parent who’s gearing up to send your kid to college, now might be the time to buy a place where you can park your kid for three of four years and generate some passive income even after their college days are done. 

As always, feel free to reach out if you have any questions about buying or selling this fall. I look forward to hearing from you soon!